Thursday, 14 June 2012


Well hopefully that's the end of my Efudix treatment. My appearance is now almost back to normal and anyone who doesn't know me would never realise how bad I looked two weeks ago. If you can compare the picture taken on day 22 with that on day 35 you can see how great the transformation is.

My main conclusion about the treatment is that, in my case, it was not anything as bad as I had expected. Having said this my appearance became pretty bad but I probably only had two or thee days of major discomfort, and I do mean discomfort and not pain. Severe irritation is probably a better way of describing it. At no time during the period did I have to take pain killers and even the itching and tenderness of the skin was never so severe that I had to contact my doctor.

At the beginning of my blog I suggested that it may have been a mistake doing so much research on the internet as I was getting the impression that the treatment would be very unpleasant. I hope that anyone who might stumble on this account of my experience with Efudix will be slightly reassured that the treatment could well be not as bad a it looks.

All the Best


  1. Thanks for taking the time and effort to journal your experience mate.

  2. I'll second that, having discovered this blog just as I was starting on Efudix. It was a great help and encouragement as the treatment progressed.

  3. Today is day 21, the last day of applying Efudix cream twice daily to my chest. I read all the blogs and used every scrap of information I could find.Wash skin with cool water and no soap. Apply thin layer of cream after waiting 15 minutes for skin to dry completely. I can honestly say this hasn't been as painful as I expected. Everybody has a different reaction to this cream, some will be worse than others. I spent a month plucking up the courage to apply Efudix because of what I read. If there is ever a next time I won't be so scared.

  4. I am glad the experience has not been too bad for you. You will now, I am sure be amazed at how quickly your skin recovers. It's now some three and a half years on since my treatment and I am happy to to report there has been no recurrence of the problem.
    All the best

    1. Thankyou Alan. I'm using the Nystaform-HC cream now and hopefully in another nine days, I can put all this behind me. I think I'm one of the lucky ones but I've read your blog and and the stoic way you handled it all. I think facial skin might be more delicate and here's hoping I never have to tackle that. Thankyou for your blog, I read every comma and full stop. It helped.

  5. Did your skin ever go back to being completely uniform color? Did the redness ever go away completely? I regret this experience so much. I stopped treatment on bottom part of my face nearly 2 weeks ago and it is EXTREMELY red and unsightly. It seems to be getting worse, not better. I am very concerned that my face will never be a uniform color again.

  6. Thanks Alan. This is a brilliant blog and has helped me so much. I didn't know what to expect and your photos and written commentary helped me enormously. Just going into recovery.
    Thank you for taking the time to do this.