Monday, 21 May 2012

Day 15

Two weeks of treatment over now. It has not so far been as bad as I expected, but I am not getting complacent, I am expecting things to get progressively worse this week.
My skin is now feeling very dry and scaly especially on my forehead and around my nose, and it does now sting a little as the cream is applied.
I do appear very red in these photographs, but these are obviously taken from quite close and in good light. When I am out I don't so far think anyone is taking too much notice of me. I will invariably wear a large brimmed hat when walking the dogs etc. and I think people are more inclined to notice a bloke in a daft hat than a bloke with a very red face!
As I have had so little real discomfort so far I hope that this is because I am lucky rather than that the process is acting slower than expected. When I go to see the doctor next Monday I am wanting him to say I can discontinue using the cream and start on the healing process, rather than having to continue for a fourth week.

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