Friday, 11 May 2012

Monday 7th May 2012
Day 1
After my weeks holiday in Malta it's finally time to start my Efudix treatment. I am actually at the moment quite looking forward to getting on with it, the sooner I start the sooner it is finished. This perhaps is one occasion where too much research on the Internet is a bad thing.  the instruction leaflet with the medication suggests there might be some discomfort and the skin may look worse before it starts getting better, but once you start looking up peoples experiences it sounds as if it could be quite unpleasant, but it has got to be done so I will just have to get on with it.

Day 2

Well all a bit of an anticlimax really. No noticeable effects so far at all. I don't suppose I was really expecting anything different. From what I have read nothing much happens until about a week into the treatment.

Day 3

Still no change, my face was quite coloured anyway after my weeks holiday in the sun.

Day 4

I think I am getting less red, probably my sun tan wearing off. I am beginning to feel a bit of a fraud, I am taking time off work as I have to keep out of the sun but so far we have seen hardly any sun since I got home, pleanty of rain though!

Day 5

The start of day 5 and still no noticable difference in my appearance. I am beginning to notice some slight changes though. My skin seems to be a bit more tender and I am feeling a slight itchiness, but this could just be that I am waiting for something to happen. I must try not to look so serious in the photos!

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