Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 21

Well today although I don't look it I am feeling a bit better. Yesterday morning apart from the irritation I was also feeling a little unwell, but throughout the day I started feeling much better and in the afternoon, when the itching is usually at it's worst, I was hardly bothered at all by it. My sleep last night was disturbed again, but not this time by itching but by a throbbing in my upper cheeks and around my eyes where this morning there appears to be quite a bit of swelling, hence the odd look of my eyes in the photo.
Using the Efudix is an odd sensation. Whereas normally if you have a sore on your skin you apply a cream to sooth it and hopefully make it better, but with the Efudix when it is applied it just aggravates the sore and you start looking worse than you did before. I just have to believe in the long term benefit. Hopefully tonight's application will be the last and tomorrow I can start on the next stage.

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