Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 24

Day 3 Recovery

Today's picture is taken in the morning before the first application of the ointment. As you can see my forehead is slowly getting better. The most noticeable problem is what looks, and feels like severe bruising on my cheeks and around my eyes. It is quite sore when applying the ointment, being quite greasy it is not as smooth to rub into the skin as a cream and is painful over the tender bruised areas. Also as the scabs break down they become very hard and it almost feels as if little shards of glass are being rubbed over the tender skin underneath. After application my face becomes very itchy and there is a great temptation to rub it slightly. This however only aggravates the itching and I try as far as possible not to touch my face for half an hour or so after application.

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