Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 22

Day 1 Recovery.

Very pleased to say that I have now discontinued use of the Efudix cream and started the recovery process.
Last night was my worst so far, I woke up in the night with my face throbbing and feeling very hot. This morning I am very swollen around the eyes and the bridge of my nose appears to be about twice its normal width.
I have now been given Nystaform-HC ointment the active ingredients of which are chlorhexidine acetate 1% and hydrocortosone 1%. I was given the option of cream or ointment. I was told that the ointment would look worse as it was greasy and made the skin look shiny, but was slightly more effective. The cream was more readily absorbed. As I felt I couldn't look much worse than I do at the moment I decided on the ointment. On first applying the ointment I can see what the doctor meant. It exaggerates the yellowness of the scabs and does make my face look unpleasantly shiny. After a few hours it has softened up the hard crusty scabs and they are coming away slightly when dabbed with a tissue, they will also stain a pillow or clothing in which they come into contact so I will have to be careful.

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